If you want to nominate a Fanfiction, Fanart, or Website, this is the place to do it! Simply fill out the form below and send it! Within a few days (up to a week), we’ll look at the work in question and, if it meets all our guidelines, we’ll post it up in the appropriate category! So have at it!

Welcome to the Written in the Stars Nomination form. You can nominate a fanfictionwebsite, or fanart. Please choose which of these categories you’re nominating a work for, and be sure to provide a link to the file online. If you don’t have a website where the file is hosted, you can upload the file. However, keep in mind we only accept files uploaded of the following file types: PDF, DOC/DOCX, HTM/HTML, TXT, PNG, JPG/JPEG, GIF, up to 3 MB in size. If you are uploading a fanfiction, only the first chapter of a multi-chapter work is necessary, unless the work is not hosted online, in which case, please use the Contact Form so you can email any additional chapters.

Please note that all fields are required– please do not put a fake email address, site link, etc. If you do, your application will be immediately rejected. Please be sure to look up all the appropriate information (author name, title, the location of the work) before submitting the form. If the work isn’t hosted online, please leave the site address area BLANK.

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